Sample Entrees


We work with each customer to customize the menu for their function and are constantly developing new and exciting additions to our culinary repertoire based on seasonal available ingredients.

Chef Evan Podd is renowned for his use of vegetables and sides.  Its is common to have 4-7 types of vegetable on each plate, each individually cooked and seasoned. They are however not listed here as they are constantly changing due to availability.

So this is just a little sample of some of the Entrees we do.



Rib of Beef

Rubbed with a specialty seasonings and carved to plate

Linwood Acres Filet of Trout

Lightly seasoned and cooked to perfection topped with a red pepper caper salsa

Traynor Beef Tenderloin

Grain-fed Beef Tenderloin topped with a roasted garlic and shitake demi glace

Roasted Chicken

A Roasted Chicken Breast topped with a Brie and Rosemary Dijonaisse

Mushroom Risotto

A blend of Wild Mushrooms with Peppers and Onions mixed with a Creamy Risotto

Pork Tenderloin

Fresh grilled Ontario Tenderloin of Pork served with a Spiced Apple and Caramelized Onion Chutney

Grilled New York Steak

A 10 oz grilled AAA Steak finished with Smoked Wild Boar Bacon and Cremini Mushrooms






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